We’re always trying to help people in any way we can!
If you have a problem or a question, the best way to contact us is through the Forum. We have given a lot of Support by e-mail in the past, but when we realised it is much more efficient to provide Support in different ways, e-mail Support was taken offline.
Nowadays we prefer to give Support using the Forum, because the entire team can help answer the questions and other users may benefit from the answers by using the Forum’s search function.
We are all volunteers here and we have busy lives, so your patience when waiting for a reply is appreciated. We do our best to reply to all topics within 24 hours of them being posted. Also note that you do not necessarily have to create a Forum account, in order to solve your problems! You can view all Forum threads as a guest user as well; and chances are that by reading up on the guides posted on the Forum and/or (recent) discussions, you can resolve issues on your own!
For more general information about the Forum and related issues, also check out the official Forum FAQ.


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Report a problem

Use THIS form to report issues with our websites. DO NOT use this form to ask questions about or request help with our downloads. This form is only meant for technical issues with this website and/or missing/corrupt content in the The Sims 3 Store Updates section on our website.

Live Support

Once upon a time, we had a Live Support module on the website, but we no longer do (see THIS topic). There are still ways to offer you “Live Support” though, and the most common way we do this, is by using the Forum Chatbox. The Chatbox is located on top of the Forum Homepage and will show up after logging in. You may join the Chatbox at any time, when we have time to help you, we will join the Chatbox as well. We may also suggest this in a reply to your topic.

We could walk you through solving your problem, or we may suggest using TeamViewer to solve the problem for you. More information about TeamViewer is found below.

TeamViewer Service

TeamViewer Logo

For your and our convenience, we prefer to use our TeamViewer Service for certain problems. It works like this:

  • You download a program called TeamViewer from the following link:
    There’s no need to install the program, just download and run it.
  • Give your ID and Password, shown when you start TeamViewer, to the team member guiding you. The team member will let you know if you can give this information inside the Chatbox, or whether it is preferable that you send it by PM.
  • The program lets the team member guiding you control your mouse for a certain time. This way we can install games or fix other problems on your PC, while you’re watching.
  • You can stop the service at any time by just moving your mouse. When you do so, the person guiding you can’t use it any more. You can also ask the person guiding you to stop the service at any time, without a reason. You’ll be given all the information needed.
  • Don’t worry, just sit back and watch how your issues are being fixed!

The ID is bound to a specific PC, but the password changes on each program startup or when requested manually by you. Therefore the access is only temporarily and you need to give the other person your new password whenever it changes.

Since the Live Support module has been removed from our website, you can contact one of our team members (preferably an Administrator or Moderator) via the Chatbox on our Forum at for TeamViewer Support. For your own safety, we do not recommend to  trust just anyone with your TeamViewer ID and Password!

Contact information via QR code

Scan the QR code below using a QR code reader to get all our contact information in your smartphone quick and easy.

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