Introduction to Games4theword Downloads

Games4theworld Downloads is today’s safest, most organized game and software uploader on the internet, and the only uploader who offers full support. Games4theworld’s goal is, and has always been ‘helping people’.
On this page, you can read more about us.

History of Games4theworld

Most uploaders never add a clear readme file. After countless of hours of searching, reading comments and just experimenting, you may still have problems getting your downloads to work by yourself. That’s how Games4theworld was born. The reason we do this is because we often got frustrated when we couldn’t get a download to work.
We started learning from each other, and we decided to help other people with their download issues as well. That’s how Games4theworld Downloads kind of started. We made the torrents as noob-friendly as possible. If people still had problems with their downloads, they could contact Games4theworld Downloads through e-mail, and we would help them out. In the beginning we were not familiar with most of the problems, but as more problems are reported and more fixes are found, we started to get “the feeling”.
At some point Games4theworld Downloads started all over, due to accounts on torrent websites being removed for unkown reasons. Even our original account on The Pirate Bay was removed without a reason. This is where the Games4theworld Downloads you know today started; this time even bigger than the first time. All torrents were repacked with new, better Installation Guides and some other changes were made. A new team was formed: Games4theworld Downloads was back on track again.
And look at us now; we’re probably the best organized team of uploaders. Also, Games4theworld Downloads is the only team on the web that actually gives free support for all of their downloads and everything else we can help you with. We just can’t help that we want to help.


Our main goal these days is to help people out and provide them with downloads that are easy to install, just like it was back then. That does cost money, buying equipment and maintaining it. But we’re non-profit and we don’t earn anything doing this; it’s just for the fun. We all started as newbies those good old days, and we believe in helping today’s “noobs” with a spirit of kindness.
We can be reached several different ways, you can find us on Facebook, Twitter and of course our official Forum.

The people behind it

We have a small but dedicated team of volunteers. If you’re familiar with our Forum, you’re probably already familiar with these names.

All hail:
☠ ~ Aɳɳ ~ ☠ of Games4theworld, First of her name, First Lady of the Forum, Captain of the ship, Keeper of Peace, Wielder of the Banhammer.
SeoY of Games4theworld, First of his name, Forum Moderator, Protector of the Minecraft realm, Wizard.
The_gh0stm4n of Games4theworld, First of his name, Forum Gatekeeper, Inspector General, Sergeant-At-Arms, Former Social Worker.

In addition to this “core team”, we have a number of people helping you out on the forum. You can recognise these team members by their green username, and Quartermaster rank. They moderate parts of the forum, and/or do specific things for you and us, depending on their section.