Please keep in mind that these rules are valid for all online communication platforms on which Games4theworld is active. This includes the Forum, the Facebook Page, the Minecraft server, the Twitter page, the website (when applicable) and our YouTube channel.

01.) Games4theworld is neither affiliated with, nor endorsed by any video game or computer software publisher. The team members of Games4theworld are all volunteers, who spend their free time assisting users with games and software issues. Please keep in mind that it is not always possible to solve all issues that arise, nor is it possible to reply to all users in time. If you posted your help request on the Forum and you feel you have been overlooked, feel free to contact a Moderator or Administrator via the private messaging system, 24 hours after you posted your original question. No “bumping”, see Rule 6 below.

02.) Try doing a good search before posting your question on the Forum. A lot of questions have been answered already, and you may be able to solve your problem(s) quicker by using the Search function. Of course, if you feel you cannot find a solution, you may post your question in the appropriate Forum section.

03.) Be friendly and patient with other Forum users. The Games4theworld team members believe in a spirit of kindness. Due to the nature of online communication, misunderstandings can and do happen. Please be mindful that, even if you may not have any negative intentions in your postings, other users may feel differently. Consequently, the Moderators and Administrators reserve the right to edit or remove messages, if they can be considered offensive.

04.) No discrimination. You should not judge or insult members based on their religion, race, gender (identity), political beliefs, sexual orientation or socio-economic status. This is worse than flaming, because it hurts other users as well. Please be mindful that as with the previous Rule 3, the Moderators and Administrators reserve the right to edit or remove messages, if they can be considered offensive, independent of whether your original intentions were positive or negative.

05.) No profanity, obscene content (including, but not limited to, pornographic content) and inappropriate language. Games4theworld stands for a child-friendly environment, hence such content does not belong on our forum. An automatic censor system is in place which replaces profanities with asterisks (*). If you see words in your message being replaced with such asterisks, please edit your Forum message by clicking on the “Edit” button. Beyond that, the Moderators and Administrators reserve the right to edit or remove individual messages or words, if they can be considered inappropriate for younger audiences. Do not circumvent the censor system by using special characters to obscure profane content.

06.) Only open one topic on the Forum and keep all discussions in that topic until further notice. Always make sure to open a new thread by clicking on the “Open a new topic” button in a subforum. Having these discussions in just one thread makes it easier for the team members to help you, and it also makes it easier for users with similar issues to follow the discussion. Please do not post about one and the same help request in several different places of the Forum, under someone else’s topic, or “bump” your threads unnecessarily, as all of these things are considered variations of spamming on our Forum. If your original problem eventually gets solved, please wait for instructions from a Moderator or Administrator, on whether you should continue the discussion in the thread you already opened, or whether to open a new thread in the event of a new question about the same game.

07.) Do not post links to non-Games4theworld torrents, filesharing or warez websites. The Games4theworld team cannot guarantee the safety of any torrent or filesharing links that are not associated with Games4theworld, hence those links will be censored by Moderators or Administrators. If you want to contribute to a Forum discussion, you should only give the name of the download and the name of the uploader of the item(s) you have in mind. However, if you wish to share an actual link on the forum, or if you feel unsure about a certain link, please consult a Moderator or Administrator for advice, wait for further instructions and also the permission to post the link. Keep in mind though that is is solely up to the discretion of Moderators and Administrators to allow exceptions to this rule in individual cases. Moreover, links which are visible in videos and pictures as well as magnet links to non-Games4theworld torrents also fall under this rule, and are not allowed either. You should not circumvent this rule by putting special characters, such as dots or empty spaces, in-between the URL of such a forbidden link.
Even though we cannot make sure it doesn’t happen, please note that the “no outside links” rule extends to private messaging as well.

08.) Do not post any personal information in Forum messages. It does not matter whether the information is about you or any other person. Information like that will be censored by a Moderator or Administrator. Due to the nature of what we do on the Forum, we take great care about privacy concerns. If you feel unsure whether certain information is safe to post on the public Forum, feel free to consult a Moderator or Administrator for advice. Also keep in mind that it is completely up to you, to share personal information with other users via the built-in private messaging system (again, as long as the information is not posted on the public Forum). However, please acknowledge that if you decide to do so, the Games4theworld team will not take responsibility for any negative consequences that may arise from this.

09.) No advertising of any kind. Do not post advertisements for commercial products and services; you are not allowed to make money using this Forum. Please note that adverts about political and religious topics, as well as links to non-Games4theworld websites/blogs/YouTube Channels can be considered as advertising under certain circumstances too. If deemed necessary, the Moderators or Administrators can disallow these adverts if they do not contribute to a support request or are otherwise inappropriate, even if you personally feel otherwise. Do not use the members list of the Forum to obtain user information, and harass other users to purchase your products or services. Should you wish to advertise on this Forum or feel unclear about whether something constitutes advertising, feel free to contact a Forum Administrator and describe your concerns or ideas. You must obtain the permission of the Forum Administrators, in order to be able to advertise.

10.) No hacking. You are neither permitted to hack other users’ accounts, nor the Forum software. Trying to guess someone else’s password is considered hacking.

11.) Appealing of Moderator actions. Should you feel unfairly treated by a Moderator, the first thing you should do is to get in touch with that Moderator via our private messaging system, to make sure that the Moderator’s action has not been taken erroneously. Should you still feel unhappy after doing so, you may contact a Forum Administrator about the issue. You may also post your criticism in our “Complaints” subsection. If you decide to do so, please make sure to voice your criticism in a fair and civilised manner. Keep in mind though that it is solely up to the discretion of the Forum Administrators to grant appeals against Moderator actions or bans.

12.) The consequences of breaking these Rules. Breaking any of the aforementioned rules will result in one of the following penalties.

Warning: depending on how serious a violation is, you may be issued a warning from an Administrator or Moderator at first.
Mute: muting for a certain time. This means that you cannot do anything on the Forum, except for reading other Forum posts.
Temporary ban: users who continue causing problems after being muted, will be banned from the Forum for a limited time.
Permanent ban: at this point it’s obvious you are only here to cause problems, hence you will be banned permanently.

Please also acknowledge that in case of severe Rule violations, the Administrators of the Forum and the Facebook Page reserve the right to ban users permanently, and without any previous warnings. In some cases bans are just temporarily.

13.) In general, you retain the copyright over the messages that you submit to Games4theworld, but there are certain limitations. For a start, by submitting messages to the Forum you agree that your posts can be quoted and re-posted within the Games4theworld Forum and that this agreement cannot be revoked later on. In the event of personal (contact) information being posted on the public Forums as well as complaints by third parties for copyright or other legal violations, the Games4theworld team reserves the right to modify or delete messages. Other than that, user messages are generally left intact, unless they break another Forum Rule. If you wish to have your account deleted, please contact a Forum Administrator. Prior to any account deletion you will be given the opportunity to review and delete the posts that you submitted. Please acknowledge that it will be solely up to you to delete your individual Forum messages. Note that we will only remove accounts if there’s a very good reason for it. Requests for account deletion just because you don’t want to be a part of this Community any more, do not count as a valid reason. Alternatively, you can unsubscribe yourself from the Games4theworld Forum using THIS form.

14.) No coffee. Please note that the use of coffee is strictly prohibited on the Games4theworld Forum and all other pages that are owned and run by the Games4theworld Team. This includes, but is not limited to, our Facebook Page, Twitter, Minecraft server and YouTube channel. You are not allowed to mention coffee, either directly or indirectly. Doing so could result in either an edit by a Moderator or the Adminator, a mute or even a (temporary) ban. Such language is not appreciated here.

Rules revised: 9th of June 2016