If your system allows, it is nice to use a resourcepack with Minecraft. There are a lot of different types of resourcepacks that will give your game a different “look” and “feel”. The “server resourcepack” is a modified version of Soartex Fanver, and you can get a taste of it as you watch our videos and pictures.

You can download the resourcepack upon entering the server. It’s nice if we all use the same resourcepack, but you are of course free to use one of your own choosing, or none at all. When you do choose to use a resourcepack, note that they are often made for a specific gameversion and if you get one for the wrong gameversion, you could be met with purple checkered blocks because of missing textures.

We have made a small number of changes to the resourcepack to accomodate our taste, so if you want to use the exact same resourcepack we do, it’s best to download it as prompted when you join the game. Should the prompt not appear when you join the server, or if it doesn’t work for whatever reason, you can download it manually HERE.