[60] May 2014

On this page you’ll find all items that are part of the The Sims 3 May 2014 Store Updates.

Click on the download button to start downloading the compressed .RAR file containing all Store Updates items from this month. You can open the downloaded .RAR file using WinRAR (download WinRAR HERE). Select all the files in the .RAR file and drag and drop them to folder on your computer. After that just double-click the .Sims3Pack file you want to install, and it’ll Download buttonautomatically open your The Sims 3 Launcher and install the item. If you want to install a lot of .Sims3Pack items at once, copy them all to (My) Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3\Downloads   , manually open the The Sims 3 Launcher and navigate to the “Downloads” tab. Finally select all the items that you want to install and click on “Install”. It will then install all the .Sims3Pack items at once.

Items in this month’s Store Updates

Item name: ColonialMansionSET (The Now & Then Century Manor set)
DescriptionTake a stroll through history with the stunning architecture of The Now & Then Century Manor. This breathtaking mansion shows the grandeur of Second Empire design in all of its colonial glory and again as it stands against the rigors of time.

Includes the following items:

  • A Moment in Time
  • Broken Colonial Mansion Window
  • Broken Shutters of Timber
  • Chandelier Chain
  • Colonial Mansion Railing
  • Dead Hedge
  • Forever Alone Boarded Up Window
  • Forgotten Ironwork Fence
  • Forgotten Ironwork Gate
  • Fractured View Stained Glass Busted Door
  • Fractured View Stained Glass Door
  • Fractured View Stained Glass Window
  • Hang Left Curved Colonial Stair Rail
  • Hang Right Curved Colonial Stair Rail
  • Hanging Bowl Crystal Chandelier
  • Mighty Mansard Angled Corner Roof
  • Mighty Mansard Corner Roof
  • Mighty Mansard Inverted Roof Corner
  • Mighty Mansard Roof Tower
  • Mighty Mansard Single Straight Roof
  • Mighty Mansard Straight Roof
  • Mighty Mansard Straight With Window Roof
  • Never Alone Boardless Window
  • Railing Against the Colonel
  • Shutters of Timber
  • Simpler Times Screen Door
  • Simpler Times Screen Window
  • Simpler Times Weathered Screen Door
  • Simpler Times Weathered Screen Window
  • Spider Web Work
  • Story Loosely Laced Curtains
  • Stronger Wind Fan
  • The Century Manor Now
  • The Century Manor Then
  • Timeless Beauty Presented in Oil

Item name: AtomicLivingDiningSet
DescriptionIt’s time to take your home décor a step back to the past with this Atomic Age inspired collection.

Includes the following Premium Content:

Auto-Noms Automatic Pet Feeding Station
Are your Sims too busy at work or with the kids to feed their best friends? Well we’ve got you covered. Let this Automatic Pet Feeding Station do all the work so your Sims can spend more time loving their pets.

Includes the following normal items:

Thermal Atomic Alarm Clock
Tick-tock goes the Thermal Atomic Clock, sure to never lose its pacing down to the millisecond.

Hydro Fission Aquarium
Keep your aqua loving creatures cozy and in style with this top of the line aquarium model!

Neutron Juice Distributor Bar
A scientist is never fully done with their work! But when you need a moment to collect your thoughts, start here with a tall glass of Juice.

Neutron Juice Bar Stool
Though you could sit on your trusty travel-sized thermal reactor to relax, it’s probably not the safest bet. At least with this stylish bar stool you won’t have to worry about glowing green anytime soon.

Dining Reaction Chair
You start off standing, suddenly you are sitting in this relief inducing seat, where will it take you next? Maybe a nice dinner and dessert!

Leisure Reaction Chair
You might just be reading a book or even taking a quick rest, but once you settle into the cushions of the Leisure Reaction Chair you’ll be taken to a whole new level of comfort.

Atomic Clear Coil Ceiling Light
Enjoy the soothing hum of this atomic coil at work, providing the highest quality light for your Sims’ everyday needs.

Atomic Clear Coil Floor Lamp
Bring the efficiency of atomic energy to eye level with this convenient floor lamp. Just avoid knocking it over. We wouldn’t want any subatomic particles to escape.

Kinetic Kollider Table Light
If you stare long enough you’ll see worlds collide and left over particles trigger some awesome warm waves of light. Really! That’s how it works!

Atomic Boson Bulb Wall Light
Warm but soft energy pulses mysteriously from this bulbous wall light. Many have hypothesized exactly how this light functions… This is your chance to start your own data collection upon decorating your home with this exceptional piece.

Fission Reaction Reflection Mirror
Is it hot in here or is it just the dynamic particles spinning around the mirror?

Little Rocketeer Quantum Sandbox
Reach for the stars and that next bucket of sand as you build your way to that Simbel Prize!

Sweet Masses Chromodynamic Candy Dish
One piece or two? Anymore and you’ll spoil your next meal…

Gamma Green Thumb Plant
Do you have the green glow emitting from your thumb? No? Well with this special plant you won’t need to work about that, it’s self-sustaining with Gamma power!

Atomic Comfort Control Sofa
Need to get a grip? Take a seat and take control of comfort while you simmer down on this sofa.

Radio Wavestreaming Condenser
Pick up and play any rhythm or any beat you want to jive too. Just be careful not to overclock it… we wouldn’t want to disturb our extraterrestrial neighbors.

Cool Core Dining Table
Herd the family together and enjoy a meal in cool style with this unique, ringed table of circular style!

Fissile Material End Table
Made from the highest quality of molten fissile materials, this table can perfectly accent any end that seems empty.

Atomic Azure Skies Telescope
Search through unclouded, azure skies with this spectacular telescope model. The rings add extra flare while you stare!

Electron Entertainment TV
Bring home this wall mounted model of epic entertainment proportions! Sure to be the envy of all your neighbors!

Item name: VegasLivingSet
DescriptionReminiscent of the casinos from the land of excess, this set is for Sims that crave a décor that matches their fast love for Lady Luck, and games of chance.

Includes the following items:

Feelin’ Lucky
Be wed to your sweetheart under this arch full of the neon rush of the casino! Quick and hassle-free happiness guaranteed!

Visions of Grandeur
What do Shiny Things Inc’s “Reality-Definition” flat screen and a spade have in common? Both represent the highest rank in their respective domain. Combined, this device provides an experience that converts time into unadulterated fun for you and your select group of friends. The positive social ramifications from exposure to this experience cannot be denied.

On the Rocks
What do you get when you take giant novelty dice, and a tempered glass surface? You get a serious end table for the serious casino enthusiast.

Bridging Conversations
This is no flimsy table of cards, oh no! This table is made of solid oak, with an ample surface for all your knickknacks. This table is decorated through a patented fifty-two layer enameling process, and finished off with clear coat. Surely, this table will inspire conversation, or even new connections between Sims.

Ante Up the Volume
After you win big, gather your friends for the loudest, rowdiest, after party ever! It’s never a gamble to have this stereo bumpin’ pure fun out of its ace speakers! Dance your legs crazy all night – you’ll be at the top of every Sim’s social list!

Royal Plush
This sofa is sure to win you over not only with its satiny looks, but also its comforting qualities. Relax and get off your feet after a long night of winning, and be energized for more!

Clay’s Collection
For the discerning player that wants to display their poker mementos from battles past. Stained mahogany frame, velvet inner lining.

Playing with Trumps
A card tower need not be a temporary spectacle anymore! Show off a triumphant card tower to your friends all the time, without fear of it collapsing!

Ace in the Palm
For professional or casual card players who want their décor to reflect their favorite pastime or career, this palm and playing card motif vase is a winning pair!

Payline Print
This painting may not display a jackpot but it’s still a fine work of art.

Primpin’ Player
Every card shark needs to have a commanding and intimidating presence. Make sure you look glamorously aggressive with this mirror before you hit the poker tables to feed.

Joy of Jackpots
Shiny Things Inc. captures that fleeting moment when you realize you’ve hit the jackpot in this wonderful lighting fixture!

Suits a Party
A perfect light, and decorative companion to a bar, club, or even your personal game room! Say “Exclusive” without uttering a single word.

Chances Look Bright
You just can’t lose with this lamp at your side.

Luck Be a Light
Luck is on your side with this themed lamp – restored wheel spinner body, polished brass finish for high shine, and a playing card inspired lamp shade to keep the lighting dim and intimate.

The Char-le-Gnome ornament adds a regal, but playful touch to any casino or card shark’s home.

Playing for Keeps
Guests visiting your penthouse need entertainment! Chat, laugh, and challenge them to a high stakes game with this custom foosball table.

VIPs This Way
Don’t walk through just any door! Build this into your home to give you a VIP entrance to any room, anytime.

High-Low Column
High Rollers need décor that represents their lifestyle. This column ‘speaks’ to them and says, “Don’t worry boss, I’m holding up the fort for ya.”

King of Suede
Taking cues from the head-turning power of the classic stiletto heel, this latest lounge chair from famed designer Rhoda Lyn is guaranteed to caress you in comfort, and make your home exude an aura of envy.”

Juice on the House
Bright lights? Check. Card Suit Embellishments? Check. Waypoint on the map for all sims looking to quench their thirst and perhaps meet a mysterious stranger? Check and double check!

Winner’s Spot
Whether you’ve just won the jackpot, or you’re down on your luck, always feel like a winner while sitting on this seat!