Banner from Games4theworld Minecraft server

Games4theworld Minecraft server

We have our very own Games4theworld Minecraft server, something we are quite enthusiastic about! Several of our team members play Minecraft, as well as a number of other users. There is room for more players and we welcome you to our gigantic digital world.
We play the game in so-called “Creative mode”, so you can build to your hearts’ content without having to worry about eating, sleeping, or monsters scaring the hell out of you. But watch your step! There are areas in the world where you’ll suddenly find yourself in survival mode, and the objective is to “get out”.
There are quite a few structures already, and those structures are in protected regions. This means you can’t build or break there, unless this is your region. You will know you have entered a protected region by the welcome message you’ll receive upon entering it. A region owner can choose to make you a “member” in their region, which will allow you to work in that region. If you have started working on something, you can ask one of the Administrators to protect the region for you.

The Games4theworld Rules as they can be found on the website, as well as on our Forum, also go inside the Minecraft server, whenever applicable. In addition to that: be mindful of other people’s work. If you come across a structure that hasn’t been protected (yet), please do not wreck it intentionally. If you receive permission from a region owner to work in their region, don’t betray their trust.
Accidents happen, and that is OK. If you broke something accidentally, be honest about it. Just leave a message near the site of the accident (using a sign) and/or (preferably) send a message to one of the team members inside the server, or on tour Forum.
Users that break things repeatedly or intentionally will face the consequences, you can be kicked out of (a) region(s), or banned from the server permanently and possibly our other platforms.
We cannot stress enough that the use of coffee is strictly prohibited, as stated in our Rules!

You can find out everything about the server in this part of the website, but we also have a Forum section dedicated to the Minecraft server. So if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to join us there and leave a message.