[02] July 2009

On this page you’ll find all items that are part of the The Sims 3 July 2009 Store Updates.

Click on the download button to start downloading the compressed .RAR file containing all Store Updates items from this month. You can open the downloaded .RAR file using WinRAR (download WinRAR HERE). Select all the files in the .RAR file and drag and drop them to folder on your computer. After that just double-click the .Sims3Pack file you want to install, and it’ll Download buttonautomatically open your The Sims 3 Launcher and install the item. If you want to install a lot of .Sims3Pack items at once, copy them all to (My) Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3\Downloads   , manually open the The Sims 3 Launcher and navigate to the “Downloads” tab. Finally select all the items that you want to install and click on “Install”. It will then install all the .Sims3Pack items at once.

Items in this month’s Store Updates

Item name: AF Body
Descriptionincludes the following items:

  • afbodyclassmenswear
  • afbodyclasssuitskirt
  • aftopclasscollarsidetie
  • aftopclassshirtshouldertie
  • aftopclasstankcowl
  • aftopclassvestrock
  • amhairfauxhawk
  • amtopclasssweatervneck
  • amtopvestteerolledsleeve
  • UltraLounge_Full


Item name: UltraLounge_Full
Description: Ultra Lounge. Couch, love seat, coffee table, plant decor, end table, table lamp.

Item name: afbodyclasscoatpantsshirt
DescriptionA chic costume for a chic Sims.

Item name: afbodyclasscoatrain
DescriptionLike a very professional detective in this suit definitely your Sims will look like.

Item name: afbodyclassdressbackless
DescriptionBeing elegant doesn’t need fancy clothes.

Item name: afbodyclassdressballet
DescriptionAdorable ballerine in this dress.

Item name: afbodyclassdressbow
DescriptionA long dress for a long fancy night.

Item name: afbodyclassdressedgy
DescriptionA modern halter dress for your Sims in a very modern life.

Item name: afbodyclassdressmod
DescriptionFashionable dress for everyday life.

Item name: afbodyclassdresssummerties
DescriptionA sweet after noun dress for a cup of tea in a summer day.

Item name: afhaircandylong
DescriptionGive your Sims a new cozy look with this hair.

Item name: afhairponytailbig
DescriptionA cute pony tail hair for your Sims.

Item name: afhairtopclasp
DescriptionA hair with clips on pulled back front will fits for casual or even formal wear.