[45] February 2013

On this page you’ll find all items that are part of the The Sims 3 February 2013 Store Updates.

Click on the download button to start downloading the compressed .RAR file containing all Store Updates items from this month. You can open the downloaded .RAR file using WinRAR (download WinRAR HERE). Select all the files in the .RAR file and drag and drop them to folder on your computer. After that just double-click the .Sims3Pack file you want to install, and it’ll Download buttonautomatically open your The Sims 3 Launcher and install the item. If you want to install a lot of .Sims3Pack items at once, copy them all to (My) Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3\Downloads   , manually open the The Sims 3 Launcher and navigate to the “Downloads” tab. Finally select all the items that you want to install and click on “Install”. It will then install all the .Sims3Pack items at once.

Items in this month’s Store Updates

Item name: BohoVintage2Set (Boho Vintage Men’s Collection)
DescriptionLaid back or ready to spread some love, your Sim will be ready to show off their relaxed style with this Bohemian inspired apparel caboodle.

Includes the following items:

Left Field Sensation
Just rolled out of bed and don’t know what to wear? Just put on whatever you manage to find and voila! You might just start a new trend!

Woven Wonder
Don your woven garb for those chilly days or for when you have nothing else to wear. Remember to send Mom your love.

Way-out and Wild
Go against the norm with this unorthodox approach to cultural modesty.

Shawlarf Rhapsody
When a scarf just isn’t enough, just add a shawl! Show the world you can rock this awesome combination of cloth and bling!

Rugged and Free
These spirited extended sleeves and high collar justify showing off a little skin!

Laurel Beatnik
Show distinction amongst the other free thinkers with this symbolistic pattern!

Maybe you just woke up or perhaps were ravaged by high speed winds, either way keep them guessing on what created such a great look!

Grooo-vay Folk
Flowing layers, upon layers, with more layers, and, well you get the idea. One can never have too many layers!

Bohodacious Bangs
Brushed back locks of beauty and er… bangs!

Jordans’ Strands
Lengthy, layered, and a lot to handle! Be the center of attention with this manly mane!

The Fliggs Fluff
When sideburns and short hair are just not enough, go the extra mile with The Fliggs Fluff!

Dusty Peepers
Living outside amongst nature can be hard on the eyes. Meet nature half way with these rusty, dusty aviators!

Frayed Plumage
Feathers, frays and layers abound! This unique artsy combination is free spirit harmony.

Boho Beads and Sash
From the naturistic hills of peacenik-ville comes this trendy attire highlighted with a fancy yellow waist sash we found along the way.

Casual Hemian
An out-of-this-world combination including a little of this and some of that. It’s sure to turn some heads!

The Duuude
A groovy combination of bed head style and finding more than one way to tie a scarf around your head, The Duuude is a rad way to show off your offbeat swagger.

Item name: BohoVintage1Set (Boho Vintage Women’s Collection)
DescriptionAn eclectic collection of styles and designs old and new mixed together for combinations that give your look an artsy take on vintage fashions.

Includes the following items:

Boho Teen Lacy Top
A bikini style top with ruffles, over a tank top; a balance of appeal and modesty!

Boho Teen Slip
Teen Slip Dress with a suede mini vest – for when you want a cute vintage vibe!

Vintage Smock
A cute vintage smock for your child.

Crafty Patches
Updated fabric patches breathe new life into this vintage skirt.

Boho Lacy Top
A bikini style top with ruffles, over a tank top; a balance of appeal and modesty!

Boho Bell Blouse
A retro loose blouse top with poofy sleeves!

Zoe’s Do
A bun with straight bangs.

Derby Delight
You can’t deny the cuteness of a derby hat!

Headband Hip
Show off your natural long hair! Add in a long and loose headband and just groove!

Candy Do
Jazz up the classic bun with a pair of sunglasses!

Braided Band
Simple Long hair with a braided band and flower.

Flower Child
Bangs accentuated with a flower headband – you’re good to go for that song circle, or open-air concert!

An old skirt, turned new, with some patches to add a personal touch! Top it off with a loose blouse, and you’re set!

Summer of ’68 Hot Pants
Show ’em off! These short shorts never go out of style!

Boho Crafty
Sometimes, nothing at the stores catch your eye – that’s when you got to let the creative side of you come out and create something that says you!

Mermaid Sarong
A modern take on a sarong with a light blouse top – the material is light to keep you cool, and thin enough for it to be pinned and folded to give a layered look.

A leather fringe jacket, and an ‘A-line’ dress. The vertical forms of the necklace compliment the lace-up front slip dress.

Downtown Boheme
A mini dress with a Native American style necklace and a petite vest. Complete it with a pair of boots and head out and be seen!

Little Anne
A layered mini dress with ruffles, and a light vest. Try it with that cowboy hat and boots you’ve been wanting to wear!

Boho Flapper
A “flapper” style dress, featuring ruffled layers around the waist.

Boho Sun Dancer
Bows give this playful sun dress some volume by creating accenting bunches of fabric.

Boho Slip
Slip Dress with a suede mini vest – for when you want a cute vintage vibe!

Floral Summer
A long sun dress with floral accents that goes perfect with a wide brimmed hat. Bike to lake, or stroll downtown and get ready to catch some eyes!

Sagittarian Dream
Loose and airy, this dashiki is perfect for women wanting to express personal hipness!

Item name: NewOrleansCASSET (Ragtime in the Big Easy)
DescriptionLet the good times roll with these outfits from the roaring twenties! These glad rags are perfect for a casual stroll through the park or attending the most fashionable cotillion ball. Wearing these outfits, you’re sure to be the bee’s knees where ever you go!

Includes the following items:

Brassy Lassy Bob

Red Beans’n’Rice

The Roaring 20s


The Lindy Hop

Café au Lait Dress

Deco Gown

Big Band Swing Dress

St. Charles Ball Gown

Canal Street Blue

Newcomb Dress

Garden District Dress

La Maison Blanche

Vieux Carre Dress

Debutante Ball Gown

Night at the Opera

Evening of Jazz

Dixieland Dress

Jackson Square Suit

Bohemian in the Square

Walk through the Oaks

Spanish Moss Suit

Traveling by Steamboat

On the Bayou

The Faulkner

Item name: PinballMachineDecades (Decades Pinball Machine)
DescriptionWhen you pre order The Sims 3 70′s 80′s & 90′s stuff pack from Origin, you will receive “The Decades Pinball Machine” bonus content.

ORIGIN EXCLUSIVE ITEM: THE DECADES PINBALL MACHINE: Let your Sim strive for a coveted high score while looking stylishly retro. Relive the glory days of the pinball arcade with this timeless classic as you shoot, flip and bump your way to victory.