[31] December 2011

On this page you’ll find all items that are part of the The Sims 3 December 2011 Store Updates.

Click on the download button to start downloading the compressed .RAR file containing all Store Updates items from this month. You can open the downloaded .RAR file using WinRAR (download WinRAR HERE). Select all the files in the .RAR file and drag and drop them to folder on your computer. After that just double-click the .Sims3Pack file you want to install, and it’ll Download buttonautomatically open your The Sims 3 Launcher and install the item. If you want to install a lot of .Sims3Pack items at once, copy them all to (My) Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3\Downloads   , manually open the The Sims 3 Launcher and navigate to the “Downloads” tab. Finally select all the items that you want to install and click on “Install”. It will then install all the .Sims3Pack items at once.

Items in this month’s Store Updates

Item name: Bayside Bathroom
DescriptionCreate a destination bathroom with this set of modern plumbing, decorations, and lights that feature modern curves with a few conventional choices.

Includes the following items:

Vorn Bathtub
Vorn Industries cares about precision. Our precision-engineered wood frame holds our tub at precisely the right height for precisely the right amount of splash from the faucet. Craftsmanship? Precisely.

Hydrocombo Spa
Exposed porcelain is so… déclassé. Get more of the tile you want with Hydrocombo! Bathe in comfort and style!

Hydrocombo Lighting
What better lighting match could there be for a tiled bathtub than a tiled ceiling fixture with inset lights?

Brassworks Torchiere
For romantic mood lighting, nothing beats candles. That’s why we at Brassworks Lamps make our lamps with extremely inefficient sockets, simulating candlelight!

Lightbulb Sconce
Lighting is lighting, right? That’s why we slapped a bulb in a socket and called it a day.

Williams Sconce
This sconce is the favorite of renowned sconce maker Morris Williams, so please, don’t take it away from him!

Aurora LushStyle Sconce
When you need lighting AND style, think Aurora LushStyle!

Aurora LushStyle Wall Mirror
A mirror with all the style you expect from Aurora LushStyle… and more!

Palm in Vase
Nothing captures that breezy tropical feeling like a a few palm fronds in a vase. Ok, a palm tree, maybe.

Hydrocombo Sink
When it’s gotta be tiled, think Hydrocombo! That spa feeling… at home!

MonoModerne Toilet
Toilets had no style… until now! MonoModerne Toilet is machined from a single block of high-density polyurethane for comfort, quality… and style!

Aurora LushStyle Waste Receptacle
Trash has no style… so give it some! Even spoiled leftovers and wet newspapers take on an air of refinement once you drop them inside!

Note: game update is required for this content to work.

Item name: bedDoubleFleurDeLysHeadboard
DescriptionThis double bed would make one feel like royalty after a good night of sleep.

Item name: bedDoubleMilitaryFlagPosts
DescriptionA double bed for anyone who’s Military minded. . . or just wish they were. After a good night sleep any Sim would be ready to face the oncoming day.

Item name: bookshelfQueen2x1
DescriptionThe bookshelf has a unique shape, almost bell-like. Enjoy hours of reading of what may or may not be previously stock, or buy your own books and place them in this bookshelf.

Item name: chairDiningQueenTall
DescriptionWhy should royalty have thrones? Now your Sim can feel like a Queen or King sitting at the dining table with this great chair.

Item name: chairDinningMilitarySwordBack
DescriptionThis chair had been used by Knights, thus the sword cut out on the back of the chair, so if it was good enough for past soldiers, then it should be good enough for present Military? A Sim doesn’t have to be Military to enjoy this chair.

Item name: HolidayPetSet
DescriptionSanta doesn’t want the Sim’s best friend left out in the cold during the gift giving season, so he made sure to add the following to good pets everywhere:

A Candy Cane Chew Toy
Howling Holiday Pet Bed
Green Pet Bowl
White Pet Bowl

Now the Sims’ pets are all set for the upcoming holiday.

Item name: JapaneseInspiredCASSet
DescriptionHave the Oriental beauty brought to your Sims with a variety of hair styles and wardrobe that fits from Children to Young Adults of both sexes.

Includes the following items:

  • Beautiful Blossom Dress
  • Harmony Headband Hairstyle
  • Inner and Outer Balance Hairstyle
  • Ki-Mini Kimono Outfit
  • Modern Interpretation OutfitModern Interpretation Outfit
  • Obi Fabulous Dress
  • The Right Hairstyle
  • The Traditional Sumo Hairstyle
  • Today’s Jinbei Outfit
  • Traditional Japanese Kimono
  • Traditional Men’s Yukata
  • Traditional Ribbons Hairstyle
  • Traditional Shimada

Item name: JapaneseInspiredSet
DescriptionDecorate and remodel your home with visions of the Far East. In this set there are small appliances, major appliances, furniture, building items and lots of decorations.

Includes the following items:

  • Alchemy end table
  • Alvar Eero Compilation Trash Compactor
  • Alvar Retro Trash Receptacle
  • Alvar Vintage Aqua Washbasin
  • Alvar Vintage But Modern Microwave
  • Alvar Vintage Chill Well Refrigerator
  • Alvar Vintage Designer Dishwasher
  • Alvar Vintage Famous Food Processor
  • Alvar Vintage Shine On Stove
  • Black belt chair
  • Chirashizushi
  • Chun Co. Teppanyaki Grill
  • Eero Mid Century Countertop
  • Eero Mid Century Island Countertop
  • Food Sample Sculpture
  • Furoshiki Hanging
  • Hanging Kimono Wall Art
  • Harmonious Trio Floor Baskets
  • Hosomaki Counter
  • Hunger Inducing Sushi Pillow Set
  • Ideal of Emptiness Table
  • Illuminated Within Wall Lighting
  • Impermanent Dinner Table
  • Infinite Flow Hot Tub
  • Jade Pagoda
  • Japanese Inspired Artwork
  • Japanese Wooden Lantern
  • Kyoto Light
  • Light the Way Floor Lamp
  • longevity wall hanging
  • Lovely Geisha Table Sculpture
  • Makizushi Counter Island
  • Murano Modern Classic Bread Box
  • Murano Retro and Ripe Fruit Bowl
  • Murano Wooden Block Knife Stock
  • Pagoda Stool
  • Pierre Alto Bulblicious Floor Lamp
  • Pierre Alto Rectangles All Around Floor Lamp
  • Pierre Alto Wooden Selection Table Lamp
  • Red Dragon Loveseat
  • Rice Paper Wall
  • Rising Sun Door
  • Shoji Screen Curtain
  • Starburst Clock
  • Temaki Bar
  • The Great Chair
  • Unquenchable Thirst Water Bucket Sculpture
  • Yang Modern Chair
  • Zen Garden Lamp
  • Zen window

NOTE: requires the “Store Fixes” to work correctly.

Item name: KidsAllAgeSet
DescriptionThere are clothing and hair styles for both sexes and for children up to Teens.

Includes the following items:

  • All the Things Skirt Set
  • Almost Summer
  • Army of Dragons Jacket
  • Atomic Jack Planet Attack Pinball Machine
  • Aviator Snow Cap
  • Better Sweater Dress
  • Bow Tied Top
  • Casually Graphic Tee
  • Cinna-Sweet Hair Rolls
  • Color Blocked Top
  • Curly Tuft
  • Embellish More Skirt Set
  • First Date Dress
  • How I Roll Jeans
  • Lacy Days Skirt and Stockings
  • Less is More Outfit
  • Not so Casual Top
  • Slanted Beret
  • Solace Snugabunny Deluxe Baby Swing
  • Stay Cool Wool Coat
  • Tee is for Teen
  • The Inside-Outfit
  • The Letterman’s jacket
  • The Nice Shirt Shirt
  • Zebra On Top

NOTE: requires the “Store Fixes” to work correctly.

Item name: MidCenturyModernKitchenSet (Mid Century Modern Kitchen Set)
DescriptionA blast from the mid century past! Take your kitchen back to a time when things were simple and a tad more stylish!

Includes the following items:

Starburst Clock
Nothing says mid century like a starburst design. Nothing…

Eero Mid Century Countertop
Go out on a limb or, better yet, go out on an island with this vintage wooden collection.

Alvar Eero Compilation Trash Compactor
When two great minds come together we are gifted with an amazing piece, and just because it’s a trash compactor doesn’t mean it’s not beautiful!

Alvar Retro Trash Receptacle
Dispose of your trash in style with the retro trash can. No kitchen is complete without one!

Alvar Vintage Shine On Stove
Even a classic doesn’t always have to look old to live up to its vintage heritage! Take the Shine On Stove for example. This Alvar guy makes some great stuff!

Alvar Vintage Aqua Washbasin
Kids these days have it easy, calling these modern models ‘sinks’. Ha! Back in the day these items were known as washbasins, you know… for washing things.

Murano Modern Classic Bread Box
Classic, yet made modern with our patent pending double locking latch and ultra-tech randomizing 15 digit key code entry system (accessed from an off site location), you can sleep easy with the knowledge that no one, NO ONE, will ever get your bread.

Murano Retro and Ripe Fruit Bowl
Ripe looking fruit at the ready and on display in a very retro way. Though it looks tasty, remember it’s just for show!

Murano Wooden Block Knife Stock
There may be a knife missing, but don’t worry about it… it just adds to the vintage nature of this item without the wear and tear!

Alvar Vintage Chill Well Refrigerator
Brrr! It’s cold in here, there must be a Chill Well refrigerator from the Alvar Vintage collection in the general household atmosphere!

Alvar Vintage But Modern Microwave
It may be old, it might pop and sizzle occasionally, but remember that this thing is a classic! Sure to zap your meals into tasty oblivion!

Pierre Alto Wooden Selection Table Lamp
Before lava lamps, we had cylindrical pillars to produce a mesmerizing glow. Perfect for your own home and to bring back that appreciation for classics.

Pierre Alto Bulblicious Floor Lamp
In prime condition and ready to take lighting back to a time when efficiency was unheard of. This special Pierre Alto collection piece is perfect for any vintage collector!

Pierre Alto Rectangles All Around Floor Lamp
Retro beyond recognition, none of your neighbors will be able to know just how mature and priceless this lamp is. It’s okay, at least you can wallow in the knowledge.

Alvar Vintage Famous Food Processor
It still chops and dices, but will it blend? Of course! Just because it’s an antique doesn’t mean it’s broken. This is an Alvar model after all.

Alvar Vintage Designer Dishwasher
An Alvar antique! You really can’t find these anymore and if you do, we bet it won’t work as well as this one does! What a deal!

Eero Mid Century Island Countertop
Go out on a limb, or better yet, go out on an island with this vintage wooden collection.

Note: requires game update to work.

Item name: mirrorFloorDoubleDragon (The Unabominable Krustallos of Seljaq-Ghazadid)
DescriptionThis floor mirror was originally an object from “The Sims Medieval” and it was converted to be an object in “The Sims 3.”

Note: requires game update to work.

Item name: NewYear12Set (New Years 12 Set)
DescriptionHip Hip Hooray! Wishing you good fortune, good friends and good times that will last through 2012 and beyond! Happy New Year!

Includes the following items:

New Years Countdown End Table
Wow a year sure does go by fast! At least now you can track it, one grain of sand at a time, with this convenient end table hourglass!

New Years Party Hard Table Light
The perfect light for those party guests who feel inclined to wear the lampshade while they welcome in the New Year.

Note: requires game update to work.

Item name: paintingPosterRED (The (RED) Poster)
DescriptionIt’s World AIDS Day on December 1st and our friends at (RED) are fighting for an AIDS FREE GENERATION by 2015. (RED) makes it easy for people to help fight AIDS every day. When you choose to buy (RED) a portion of the profits goes to AIDS programs in Africa. To date, over $180 million has been raised and over 7.5 million people have been impacted by programs (RED) supports.

Note: requires game update to work.

Item name: SciFiBedroomSet (Futureshock Bedroom Set)
Description: Sharper Sims’ Super Sleeper, guaranteed to have your Sim sleeping in style and refreshed in around 4 hours! As an added bonus you can also bring home the latest in futuristic décor with the Futureshock Bedroom collection. The future is here, now make it yours!

Includes the following items:

Sharper Sim’s Super Sleeper
Bubble bars and power lunches are so last year; the new thing is napping with style! Sharper Sim’s Super Sleeper has been specially designed to cater to the power napper. With a superior sound system that lets soft sounds gently relax your Sim’s whole body by emitting low-frequency vibration that induces their mind to drift through different stages of relaxation, the Sharper Sim’s Super Sleeper lets your Sim experience a high level of rest and relaxation in a relatively short time. Spoil your Sim today with this all new Super Sleeper, brought to you by your friends at Sharper Sim!

Cyber Creeping Vine
Impress your guests with this futuristic wonder, blending nature with science as it grows.

Nano Novel Wall Bookshelf
Sized just correctly to provide the most optimal storage space for any book collection.

“In Like Flynn” Fusion Guitar
Take the center stage and rock out with the future of musical design. Fused from the hottest elements in space matter, this sleek, vertical piece will help you to master any sound wave you could possibly want to play!

Micro Cosmic Light Globule
Awe-inspiring light from the future, bringing a warm, almost lifelike luminescent glow to your surroundings. Sits perfectly on tables and counters alike.

Luminescent Glow Ceiling Light
Beam down the best rejuvenating light for your Sims! Perfect for any room in need of some high tech light distribution.

Mainframe Micro Desk
This sleekly designed desk is sure to up your Sim’s processing power, regardless if they are hard at work or playing hard.

Mainframe Linear Chair
Made in the sharpest, most linear way possible to bring optimal comfort to your Sims’ sitting needs.

Mainframe Double Bed
Master the control of your Sims’ sleep schedule with the Mainframe Double Bed! Comfort and shielded dreams come standard under these soft sheets.

If you can beat the high score, you might just find yourself in a whole new world. Just avoid teasing the security program… you wouldn’t want to be late for dinner.

Note: requires game update to work.
NOTE: requires the “Store Fixes” to work correctly.

Item name: sculptureStatueUnicorn (Peguestrian Springstone Statue)
DescriptionThis statue was originally an object from “The Sims Medieval” and it was converted to be an object in “The Sims 3.”

Note: requires game update to work.

Item name: SmoothCruisnSet (Smooth Cruisin Set)
DescriptionThe Smooth Cruisin set includes Bayside Bathroom, two bikes and a bike rack.

Includes the following items:

Smooth Cruise
The Smooth Cruise ensures a comfortable experience with its faux Llama leather saddle, and classic handlebar placement. Bring home goodies from your trip to the local farmer’s market in the front mounted basket, or take a ride along the beach on a perfect lazy weekend!

Smooth Cruise (Kids)
For many, The Smooth Cruise was their first bicycle; memories of mom and dad pushing them down the street….the moment of epiphany at the realization that their parents had let go and they were riding on their own….letting your friends ride on the handlebars….racing to your friend’s (or sweetheart’s) house. Let the tradition continue with the kid version of this classic bicycle.

No Frills Bike Rack
No Frills. Simple. And it works!

Item name: sofaSorceress (Wiccenculta Sofa)
DescriptionThis sofa was originally an object from “The Sims Medieval” and it was converted to be an object in “The Sims 3.”

Note: requires game update to work.

Item name: tableCoffeeMilitary2x1 (Battle Hymn Low Table)
DescriptionThis table was originally an object from “The Sims Medieval” and it was converted to be an object in “The Sims 3.”

Note: requires game update to work.

Item name: teddyBearKnight (Bruno d’Infantino Honour Vengeance Edition)
DescriptionThis stuffed toy was originally an object from “The Sims Medieval” and it was converted to be an object in “The Sims 3.”

Note: requires game update to work.